Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ok but seriously though...

i've gained a shitload of weight and my self esteem is so fucking low. i hate my body right now. i'm going to stop buying food and just starve, i really think that's the way to go. i'm just gonna save my money or spend it on useful shit like huggable hangers cause God knows i need the closet space. i really need to stop shopping, but i just can't help it. my grammar is probably all fucked up cause i'm listening to music as i type this shit. i feel like i haven't gone out lately cause i don't have any pictures to post. but i guess i've been having fun. i've just been laying low. let's recap.

thursday night - went to howl with lo and met up with daniel, then payed kevin a quick visit

friday night - got so fucking trashed that i fell asleep in my car in front of lo's. so i guess that means i had an awesome time.

saturday night - chilled with nick, ray and iris. didn't drink but had fun watching them do power hour.

sunday night - i really don't rmr what i did...oh yeah i went to my grandma's. then i don't rmr what i did afterwards.

monday night - went to mel and kim's, swam, waited for daniel, then he watched me swim, then we chilled at the park, and observed these 3 weird dudes.

tuesday night - spent it again with kim and mel then this time we added johnny to our group.

wednesday night - went to farmers with anna, then kim met up with us, then we headed back to kim's and chilled by the pool.

and that's that.

so yeah, back to what i was saying. i'm going to stop buying food. i'm not even gonna buy my turkey sandwiches anymore :(. that makes me kinda sad cause the was the only time i got out of the office for a reasonable amount of time.

hahah ok so today i did the dumbest thing. i have the huggest crush on this guy at work, but i really shouldn't cause of the circumstances, but he's so cute and likeable. ok so yeah, so basically i find the dumbest reasons to go into his office to just bug him. haha. i know i'm lame, but he's so cuteeee.

i feel so boy crazy all of a sudden. whatever. it's not like i get attached. which reminds me, i want a boy friend. haha just for fun you know?

ok. i'm done.


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