Thursday, August 28, 2008

another good day :)

my accounting class doesn't seem all that bad actually. i kinda like the prof, even though she's a woman. i can honestly say i prefer men as professor's, i don't know why. but whatever.

i'm seriously addicted to these:

Mango Smoothie's from Jack In The Box.

they're surprisingly delicious. i'm addided to them, i've had one each day this week. sometimes even two. i just looked up the health facts, and it turns out they're not healthy :( there's a shit load of sugar in them. damnit. they're also high on carbs :( bummer. who cares. it's yummy.

hmm so today at work, michelle brought as those cookies as promised. they were amazing. everyone loved them. i only had one though. since i'm so sweet and generous, i pretty much gave them to people at work. let's see, i gave one to brian, sandra, jose, graham, bj, andy, t-sang, kevin, and i saved a little piece for velez cause everyone ate them. haha i think tonight was the lastest i ever left work. i love my job. since i had nothing better to do i stayed in the office with andy for a few extra hours. i don't think i'd do that for any other job.

i want school to be over already.

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