Saturday, August 30, 2008

hmm ok

so i'm at josh's house right now and i'm using his laptop. and it's so much better than mine. he has this awesome thing that covers the keyboard and makes it silent when i type. and it also keeps dust from getting into the keyboard. hahaha i loveee it.  so i'm in josh's room and he already fell asleep. i'd take a picture but i left my camera in my car. lame. even though i have my own macbook. i couldn't help but take pics on his macbook. haha here's a few. 

as you can see, johnny and i got super bored. 

hmm so other than that, i had another good day. school was alright, andy and i got kinda lost in math today. we like to think we're in ok shape, but we might already be falling behind. but i won't let that happen. school's too important right now. we can't fuck up. we need to graduate already. fuck school! work was really insane when i first came in. the phone would not stop ringing. and we kept getting message after message. but whatevs. it eventually died down and andy and i were free to relax. i actually left the office today before the sun came down. and i actually left the time i was suppose to. i made velez wait for me cause i didn't wanna walk to my car alone. haha. i ended up walking him to his, and he drove me to mine. it was completely unnecessary, but it was a sweet gesture. hm ok the end


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