Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i've got time to kill

right before my shift ends so i figured i'd just blog about something random. so the super cute guy at work quit :( i have no idea why, but he did mention that he goes to my i might have to try and find him there. haha just kidding. seriously though. that's creepy. hahah but they already started interviewing new candidates to fill in his position and one of the guys that came in today wasn't bad looking. but def not as cuuute. :( hmm what else. i'm feeling really good for some reason. maybe it's cause i lost all the weight that i wanted to :) life is amazing right now. i have absolutely nothing to complain about. i feel like everything is the way it should be. :) even though i'm not dating anyone, i'm totally content with where i am at with the person i guess i'm "talking" to. we both don't want anything serious, and we both don't expect anything from each other. i think it's perfect because with my busy schedule, i barely even have anytime for myself. how the hell am i going to have time for a boyfriend?! it's nice cause he gives me just the right amount of attention to keep me satisfied and also coming back for moreee. haha i was telling one of my drivers about this the other day and he said he was surprised because most girls won't be ok with what i have. other girls demand a relationship. ughh. relationships. nooo thankssss. right now, this is everything i need. :)


johnny said...

First comment yay

Hassan said...

oh you have a wonderful body