Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Brandon is going to kill me at the gym on Thursday. I'm kinda looking forward to it cause I need an intense work out. My usual workout routine is basically stay on each machine for like 5-10 mins each. I have a feeling it's not going to be anything like that haha. O well it'll totally be worth it in the end. I just want to get into shape so badly. I just want to have a positive self image and be able to wear whatever the hell I want and not feel uncomfortable or fat. Also cause no one wants to date a fatty. I don't know how John was attracted to me when I was chubbier. When I look at old pictures of my face, I get so grossed out. My face was so fat and round. Ewwww. Hahaha at least I'm trying to change that now. It feels good when people actually notice. Not eating all that yummy food I've missed out on is starting to pay off. I've already lost 10lbs. I wanna lose like another 15-20 then I'll be content. I have such a fatty body lol. I'm just afraid of losing all my boobs. I don't have much left to spare :(.

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