Thursday, December 2, 2010

bored out of my mind

i really hate this class. i just want this semester to be over so i can be done with school! well for now at least. i really need to get started in looking into PCC for the speech therapy program. ughhh. 2 years isn't so bad right?! but in the mean time i just want someone to hire me alreaddddy :(. UPS is great, but i need something to occupy my time during the dayy.


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Anonymous said...

I'm currently unemployed also. However, ever luckily I start a new job on Monday. The job report which came out last week said only 39,000 jobs were open in November. That's quite low. Hopefully, next year we'll get out of this slump we are in. Good luck.
If you stay at UPS long enough, you can end up getting a driving position, they can make good money.