Monday, November 24, 2008

my new favorite accessory

yesterday was sunday funday for me josh anna and johnny so to start the day off right we went to church and afterwards we ended up at target. while there i wasn't planning on buying anything espcially since i'm on a tight budget with christmas coming up and all. but as i was going down each ailse in the media dept. i found this tripod. at first when i saw it i figured i wouldn't be able to afford it, but lo and behold it turns out it's only like 15 bucks. and i thought to myself, that's like 1 meal. and i can afford to miss one meal, so i bought it. as soon as we got to josh's house we started messing with it. well johnny and i mostly. here are a few shots that we took. we used josh's window curtain as our backdrop. btw, neither of us are professionals so the shots are very ammatuer. and i wasn't wearing any makeup either so whatever.

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