Sunday, November 16, 2008


i need more of it.

christmas is coming up and that means xmas shopping. i need to start making a list, especially since i'm on a budget this year lol. many of you may not know but i was in like $6,000 worth of debt. i know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when your a compulsive shopper like i am, the payments seemed never ending. being the nosy woman my mom is, she eventually found out by opening my statements. and when she saw them she freaked out. so she had my dad clear my debt. but the catch was that i'd give him $500 of every paycheck until i've reached the amount that he paid off. this has been going on since about july. so hopefully by jan, i'll be done. but hopefully this will teach me a lesson to be smarter with my money. which means less shopping and buying food. i haven't shopped in about a month in a half and i am just feening for it. i've been smart by avoiding the mall. no more daily trips to f21. lol my dad was telling me to just save my money so later on i can splurge on better things. 

i'm excited for the new year. UPS will be paying us weekly instead of the 15th and 25th. and i get my raises. my yearly raise and our bonus raise. and in march our review raise or whatever that is. :) :) i'm looking forward to 2009. it's going to be an amazing year, i can feel it :). well minus the fact that i turn 20 fucking 2. i still don't know what i'm gonna do for my bday. maybe i really will stay in and just pretend it didn't happen. sounds like a plan to me. hmm well if you've got any ideas, feel free to share. mmk thanks


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