Saturday, November 8, 2008

i finally got my baby back

i never thought i'd miss my car so much. but seriously the rent a car enterprise gave me fucking sucked. if it weren't for andy and mario i'd probably still driving it with no coolant or water. it was mostly mario's doing, but i guess andy helped a bit.

hmm so last night i had the best dream ever. maybe that's why i slept so long...16 hours of sleep. disgusting i know.

i'm bored.

i wanna go out and do something, but i can't think of anything to do. i need to make more friends. i've realized that i'm a major loner. lol. i mean i don't mind so much cause lately i've been really anit-social. but it would be nice to have a steady set of friends that i can just call up whenever to hang out with. maybe it's just me. i'm really bad at keeping friends. i get tired of people easily. i switch through friends more often then i change my underwear, which btw is pretty fucking often.

hmm if you wanna be my friend, let me know... mmk thanks.

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