Sunday, September 20, 2009


i know i'm lame.

so there's this guy...

that i kinda like.

Demi Lovato- Falling Over Me (Lyrics)

so i just

woke up from my almost four hour nap. and i'm feeling kinda crappy. i had a really great/bad weekend. i keep getting all these problems with my car. but it's solvable. my dad's being really supportive and patient with me, which i'm really thankful for. i think he felt really bad when he saw me crying last night, cause on our way home he was in a much better mood. we even drove by the old school anna volunteered at just cause we wanted to figure out the name of the place, which btw turned out to be anatola. at first i thought it was cause josh and johnny were in the car with us. but after we dropped them off, he was just as cheery. i can understand why he would be frustrated with me. it was late and he was already about to go to sleep when he got our call. he had to get up. wait about an hour with us in the parking lot for AAA to come and tow my car to my house. i think my car's already fixed. but i'm not sure. he had his mechanic friends come over today and take a look at it. i saw them working on it. but i'm not sure if it's completely fixed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm getting old

My dad is actually making me pay for stuff now. I don't mind. But I just wasn't prepared for this. I used to always rely on my parents to pay for my major expenditures like insurance, car maintenence, tuition, books etc. But now that I need new tires, my dad's all of a sudden like "oh you have to pay for that stuff now". He should at least put the car under my name since I paid for part of it and since I'm the one paying to keep it maintained. I can't believe he bought my sister who doesn't work a brand new car, but he won't buy me new tires. It makes no sense. I know I shouldn't be complaining at all, but with how controlling my parents try to be they should at least be fair between me and Anna.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just a little

bit VAIN.

yeah so what. it's not my fault i'm really good at deceiving the camera. i swear it's in my blood. back in the homeland, my mom's family had a photo studio. so i was trained at a young age on how to pose for a good picture. hahaha and if you're wondering why i always post a picture at the end of a post, it's because when there's no pictures, it looks so boring. and i personally prefer blogs with pictures. it adds character. hehe. well i think so. so if you don't like it. just avoid my blog. simple as that.

ok so like

i've come to the conclusion that it's better if i save my money and stop being a spoiled brat and just suck it up and live at home. sorry for the run on sentence, but whatever. i started to think about it, and maybe it is better if i just stay at home for just a little bit longer. well until i graduate at least. i think then would be a good time to leave the nest. the main reason i wanted to move out in the first place was so that i could do whatever i want. i can almost do that now. but not entirely everything. i should be grateful that i have loving parents who didn't kick me out at the age of 18 and make me pay rent or pay for bills like car insurance, or even my car itself (but i did chip in a few thousand lol). the only real thing i need is more closet space. or space at all in my room. it's the smallest room in the house and it feels so crowded. i need to get a futon. i think that will solve my problems temporarily at least. i need a new mattress or bed frame cause this shit's too squeaky. it' super annoying. the slightest move i make, it makes a noise. it's ANNOYING. i'm gonna get a futon. i've made up my min. maybe i can beg my dad to buy it for me. i want a new tv too. i also need a new ipod. i dropped it and it took a shit. i can't even restore it. but i can't buy it all at once. i need to learn how to manage my money. i was doing so good with not eating out. but what else is there to do when you hang out with someone? SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME. i need to stop wasting my money on food. and i'm finally going to make use of my gym membership and go tomorrow. i just hate how it's so far. i want the northridge one to open already damnit! ok that's all.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

New App

I got this new app for my iPhone and I'm testing it out. So it turns out. I type too fast for this freakin phone. And it can't really keep up with me. It's kinda annoying cause my words are cut off and it looks like i can't spell.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


blood diamond is on right. and i was like oh i saw that. annna was like oh with who. i was like oh a cute boy. and she was like "what was it about" and i was like idk. and she's like you wouldn't. hahhaahhahahaha

i finally went out

i just want to...

get up out of bed, board a plane and fly somewhere. ANYWHERE! i'm just so bored of the life i have here. i want to explore the world and try something new. i wanna meet new people make new friends. just anything. my days are so dreary and predictable. it's the same thing everyday. it's tiresome. i'm beginning to live vicariously through the characters in the movies i watch. every night i watch from 2-3 different movies. all different genres. thanks to netflix and "watch it now." it's really quite convenient. ugh someone save me. please?

i'm not cute anymore :(