Sunday, September 20, 2009

so i just

woke up from my almost four hour nap. and i'm feeling kinda crappy. i had a really great/bad weekend. i keep getting all these problems with my car. but it's solvable. my dad's being really supportive and patient with me, which i'm really thankful for. i think he felt really bad when he saw me crying last night, cause on our way home he was in a much better mood. we even drove by the old school anna volunteered at just cause we wanted to figure out the name of the place, which btw turned out to be anatola. at first i thought it was cause josh and johnny were in the car with us. but after we dropped them off, he was just as cheery. i can understand why he would be frustrated with me. it was late and he was already about to go to sleep when he got our call. he had to get up. wait about an hour with us in the parking lot for AAA to come and tow my car to my house. i think my car's already fixed. but i'm not sure. he had his mechanic friends come over today and take a look at it. i saw them working on it. but i'm not sure if it's completely fixed.

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