Sunday, August 9, 2009

i'm going to change

my life style. i'm getting to that age where i really need to start thinking about my future financial stability. i don't wanna turn out to be one of those people who live from pay check to pay check. i need to learn how to live on a budget and not buy things i don't need and stop wasting my money. i've really been thinking about the future and how i'm going to get by once i've graduated and moved out of my parents house. i eventually want to own a home and now would be the best time to start saving for future investments. at the moment i don't have any major expenses that i'm responcible for. i'm still living at home, i don't have any car payments, insurance payments, or anything that really puts a dent in my pocket. my main bills are cell, gym, and netflix. i think that's about it. oh and gas. i need to stop spending my money on food, movies, clothes, and shoes. i have food at home, i'm just picky. movies, i can wait til they go on netflix. clothes and shoes, I DON'T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH CLOSET SPACE FOR IT ALL. it's pretty ridiculous. so after i make my 2 last major expenses (tv and ipod) i'm handing my debit card to my mom and dad. i'm going to have an allowance of $50 a week and that should be enough to get by. so if you ask me to hang out and i say no, it's probably because i've used up my allowance for the week. we'll see how this goes...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

my mom won't let me

eat white rice anymore :( today she made shrimp and beansprouts and it was really yum, but she shouldn't let me eat rice with it. my meal didn't feel complete. but i got full faster. i really need to lose weight cause my mom keeps calling me fat. and she's right. ppl tell me i'm not cause i'm really good at hiding it. most of the time. haha. whatever. I DON'T WANNA BE FAT ANYMORE :(

so i joined 24 hr fitness. and i'm gonna start going on monday. just cause tomorrow i have the spa thing and i haven't been waking up early enough to go. i think i've decided to go to the fallbrook one cause the sherman oaks parking lot creeps me never know who could be lurking behind one of those pillars. and if you know me, you know i'm EXTREMELY paranoid. like to the maxxxx.

oh btw i got


so today

i ran a bunch of errands and went shopping and it felt so good. haha i know it sounds really superficial but i don't care. i really shouldn't be buying anymore clothes cause Lord knows i have more than enough. but i always have the constant struggle of finding something to wear on any given occasion. whether it be going to work, church, or just to go out in general. i'm done shopping for the month of august. i'm going to try and learn how to save my money cause it's a good habit to learn. i'm totally excited for tomorrow. i have a spa apt at 11:30am and it's going to be amazing. hopefully my skin isn't too sensitive afterwards. i wish i had nice skin.