Monday, June 22, 2009

a lot has been

going on, but i'm too lazy to blog about it. well maybe i will. i'm trying to save up to move out and buy a new car. i want a prius. i want to buy it on my own. i could beg and plead my dad to buy it, but i'm an adult now, and i just need to learn to manage my money. this will be good practice for the future. i need to not spend my money on food. lately i've been pretty good about it. i used to eat out EVERDAY, now it's just like every other day or once or twice a week. i'm also trying to avoid fast food. if i'm ever craving fast food, i try to get the healthiest thing on the menu, like a salad. but i'm a sucker for #2o at jack in the box. haha. if you don't know waht that is, then o well. i also wanted to avoid beef and rice. i'm doing an OK job. i don't eat as much rice anymore. and i try to eat chicken or fish instead of beef. but it's so HARD. i LOVE beef. :'( <-- my crying face.

I RUINED IT, i know

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