Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm so ready

for summer school to be over. one day is enough for me. i seriously want someone to take this freakin' class for me. it's stressing me out. but it shouldn't be so bad cause the prof seemed pretty cool. and i already have a friend in the class. i should be sleeping right now, or at least reading the first chapter in the book, but i'm not. instead i'm blogging about my day. i've been in work and class all day. i just wanna relax. i'm so happy there's no class on fridays. i wish i didn't have work either so i could go to the beach or hang out with mel or something. blahh. it's a good thing summer school's only a month. i need a new notebook. i wish i had better penmanship, then i'd actually enjoy taking notes. that reminds me, i need to go to like office depot or staples to buy a new notebook and acct paper. or whatever it's called. i already forgot.


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