Sunday, May 24, 2009

a taste of heaven


so kamille and i got kabuki on thurs i believe then stopped over this new yogurt place i had never been too. originally i didn't wanna go cause i thought it was another pink berry, and i HATE pinkberry. bleh. so we go to this place called MENCHIE's and their frozen yogurt is off the chain. they have diff flavs like blueberry, ny cheese cake, cookies and cream, cable car chocolate, and others. and to top it off, they let you put as much of any topping you want! mm. it was so good that i went twice on thursday lol. in the picture above that would be cookies n cream with cable car chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, almonds, and a ton of mochi. mmm my fave.



WHOOPI said...

no fruit?

WHOOPI said...

I definitely understand that,I hate apple pies or warm fruits that are suppose to be cold. the only time I actually like fruits being modified is when they're in a drink, like a strawberry-lemonade :D

WHOOPI said...

well, yogurt is also an exception, including smoothies/margaritas/sodas..etc.