Thursday, April 16, 2009

i just worked out

and i can't sleep now.

i can finally touch my toes again lol. i was stretching for over an hour with the goal of being able able to reach down to my feet. it felt good once i accomplished it. i'm not gonna lie, it hurt like a bitch haha. i'm so out of shape, and it shows. that's the worst part. i really need to change my eating habits but it's so damn hard. i really NEED to stop eating out. and we all know how much i love eating out. so it's almost impossible to just quit cold turkey. mmm turkey. but really though. since i've stopped eating out, i started shopping again. i bought a shitload of stuff this past week. in total since saturday, i've bought 6 pairs of shoes, 5 tops, 2 dresses, a cardigan, 2 jackets, and 2 pairs of shorts...i think that's it... but knowing me, i probably forgot something....hmmm....whatever. i got new favorite pairs of shoes. one of them being a pair of stuart weitzman heels and purple fringe wedges. they are out of control as steven would call them. whatevs. i'm happy :) i just wish i had somewhere to wear all this new shit too. i need to go on dates more often. only if guys would ask. i wanted to go out so badly on sunday night that i almost went to the movies alone. good thing rodger was available to watch the movie with him. otherwise, i would have been the only one sitting at the theater solo of the 9 people that were there with me watching fast and furious. i know there's probably typos cause i'm listing to music as i type this. ehh. whatever.

and here's a random picture of me from 2 yrs ago. check out my mane.

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