Saturday, April 25, 2009

i broke his heart in 30 seconds flat.

i'm sosososo sorry, i didn't mean to break your heart.

look baby, i'm a heart breaker.

haha i'm listening to it right now, by

it's for no one in particular, but i'm sure there are some ppl i should be singing it to. but whatever.

i felt like today went by so freakin' fast. i woke up pretty early to bake cupcakes and brownies for my boys in brown. i figured it'd be a token of my appreciation for the guys who helped me out while i closed this past week. i'm a rookie when it comes to closing at night but i got through it. and my bad to all the time cards i fucked up hahaa.

which reminds me, i want a new cupcake carrier. i have it in white, now i want it in pink :)

Food Storage Pink Cupcake Caddy

No more smearing or squishing! Now you can transport cupcakes to that birthday party, get-together or bake sale and get them there in perfect condition with this food storage cupcake courier, specifically designed to transport and store up to 36 cupcakes. Great for muffins, too. Remove trays to transport cake. Measures approximately 11" L x 14" W. Dishwasher safe. 30-day warranty.

I HATE THAT IT ONLY CARRIES 36 CUPCAKES, WHY COUDLN'T IT BE 48! cause most of the recipes i have make 2 dozen, so if i make 2 batches, that's 48 cupcakes. where the hell am i going to put the other 12?! and i have a 24 cupcake carrier. but then i have to make an extra half batch to fill in the extra 12 spaces. UGH!

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