Saturday, February 14, 2009

i'm going to make it my goal

to always look as cute as possible. i'm going to try and not be lazy about my looks because you never know when mr. right will be waiting in line behind me at the grocery store (and yes i did get that from "he's just not that into you..."). can't take any chances. by the way, that movie was effin' adorable. i wanna date justin long. that 'd be pretty awesome. i'm so bored, but today was pretty eventfull. anna i went shopping early this afternoon, then we met my mom at costco to buy some snacks to bring to work and school. i really need to get on cleaning my room. i'll eventually get to it. i really need to set up my days off for work before mike changes his mind and won't let me have them anymore. he seriously is the greatest boss in the world. i love my job. i really need to buy a new hair straightener. it's not as straight as it used to be. i miss that, but owell. at least my skin's getting a lotttt clearer. thank you proactive and bc. lol. but the downside is that the bc really increases my appetite, but lately i've been controlling myself. everyone's been a bit surprised. i can't eat like i used to, as much as i try to, i can't. it's pretty awesome. i just really wanna lose weight and have a nice tight assbody. but it's hard work. i wish i was retarded rich so i could just pay for lipo. blah. whatever. ok i'm done for nowww.


HAPPY Valentines DAY!

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