Sunday, May 25, 2008

he's a mean man but he's my man

Stefanie Heinzmann - My Man Is A Mean Man

Friday, May 23, 2008

pure talent.

Bleeding Love/American Boy

i swear.

ok. i'm done. 

farewell super hot security guard

so tonight's probably the last time i'll be going to vanguard since wendy's promoting group is moving to mynx. 

i'm going to miss him. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

so who wants to build me a big closet?

Because as nick said, it looks like my closet's about to throw up. now that i look at that picture. it really doesn't look like i have much clothes. but the thing is, i have an 8 piece drawer full of tanks, shirts, bathing suites, and underwear. i also have a 6 piece drawer set that's filled with jeans, shorts, skirts, and whatever else i can fit in there. mannnnnn. i wanna go shopping. yeah i know, your probably thinking how superficial can this girl get. trust me. you ain't seen nothin yet. i can't wait to move out and get a place of my own. i'm really looking forward to having a walk in closet of my own. :) but until then i think i'll need to buy these:

Ultra Slim Black Flocked Hangers (Set of 50)

The ultra slim shape of these hangers provides three times the amount of closet space. Best of all, the velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping. Each hanger features indents for slips and similar items.

anyone wanna get me like 8 sets?

hmm well just incase. here's the website

ok. i'm done.


it's such a great brand. it really does wonders on my skin. i bought the following products the other day.

i also really like bare essentials. it makes my acne prone, uneven skin look flawless. haha it's a great feeling. 

ok. i'm done.

big slixx!

it finally came in! yayyyyy. thanks to KC, i've found myself another good lip gloss. the only problem is, i can only order it on ebay. o well. i love it none the lessss. this thing better last me a lifetime. haha  

ok. i'm done.

your not worth it

your really not. i'm tired of guys. seriously. 

ok. i'm done. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

so necessary

$65.00 each

Spinning free from all traditional storage systems, the Shoe Wheel is an ingeniously designed mobile storage unit with 20 expandable pockets that can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes depending on the type.

Best of all, the Shoe Wheel is simple to use: Shoes are inserted into the pockets through elastic bands, which secure them snugly into place. The pockets are easily adjustable to fit a variety of shoes - sneakers, stilettos and flats. Just rotate the Shoe Wheel to make a selection.

Easy Shoe Insertion
with Elastic Cords

Expandable Pockets
To Fit Any Style Shoe

Tension Control
Adjustable Rotational Speed

anyone wanna get me like 6 of these?

just incase, here's the website

ok. i'm done. 

make up your mind

i swear, people are so indecisive these days. it drives me crazy. sometimes it can be a simple yes or no and people tend to make it so complicated. man. 

on a lighter note, or should i say darker, i need to dye my hair back to jet black. i think i'll do it this weekend. this whole blonde thing really isn't working out for me anymore. and i think dying my hair black will compliment my skin tone. actually. now that i think about it, i think the blonde weave looked nice with my skintone, but whatever. i don't care. i want my black hair back and that's that. 

now that i look at it. i kinda like the blonde.
haha talk about being indecisive. 

ok. i'm done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

shoes shoes shoes

ok so like i just came home from an eventful day of shopping :) so far i got 2 of the 3 pair of shoes i was planning on buying. i decided not to go with the third one and get other shoes instead. i picked up these two in replacement of the other one i didn't get. i think it was a good choice. 

ok. i'm done. 

play with your food.

ok. i'm done.

so in loveeeeeeee

pure purrrfection. i swear.

ok. i'm done.

love love love this

Five O'Clock Heroes - Who


the pretty girl is a model. her name is agyness deyn. well done.

ok. i'm done.

since i can remember...

i've had a crush on

and now i hear he's marrying scarlette johansen. i don't care if i've misspelled her name.


ok. i'm done.

can't get enough of this


ok. i'm done.


ok. i'm done.

risky business

ok so like i can't get this off my mind. but lately. i've had the worst luck with guys. i keep thinking if i've brought this upon myself or trouble just finds me. so i've come to the conclusion that the only guys i attract are either asshole's or have gfs. which btw is the worst. ughh i know i shouldn't stress about this because i'm only 21 and still in school and have so many other thing to worry about. especially growing up and "finding myself". i've been called childish and immature a couple times these past few months and it's really starting to get to me. am i really childish and bratty? well yeah i know i can be stubborn sometime, but i didn't think it was to the point of immaturity. i just like getting my way sometimes. well most of the time. ughh. and i know i'm bossy too. man. so like i'm listening to this song. and i feel like it's the story of my life

Dragonette - Competition

whatever. i'm a horrible person. i know it. i really should give up on boys. but i can't help it cause they're so much fun. any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

ok. i'm done.

maria mena - just hold me

this song is so depresssinggg. but man, can i relate to this song or what.

ok. i'm done. 

Monday, May 19, 2008

too hot for clothes

 i need my own place so i can walk around naked as i please. i seriously have the hottest room in the house which is no bueno. good thing i've got a lock on my door so i can just lounge on my bed in the nude. haha i don't give a fuck anymore. on a sadder note. summer school starts in a couple of weeks. i'll be taking classes at csun. i know it'll be expensive, but i don't have a choice at this point. i just want to graduate already. i'm excited to start my new job. in less than 30 months from now i'll be making $30. just thinking about it is making me feel super old. i know i'm only 21, but man. so shayna and i were exchanging links to shoes we want. and here are a few of the one's i'm gonna buy tomorrow

after i get these 3 pairs. i'll be set. i won't buy shoes for another month or so. my shoe collection is starting to get out of hand though. if you saw all the shoes, dresses, jeans. shirts, and jackets i had, you'd throw up. i swear it. oh and bags too. i really am addicted to shopping. i don't have self control either. if i see it, and i like it, i'll buy it. i'm super compulsive. but whatever. :) just thinking about those shoes makes me super happy. call me superficial i don't give a fuck. other things make me happy too, like finding money on the floor like i did today. it was only a dollar, but it kinda made my day cause i walked to 7/11 right cause my dad borrowed my car cause his is in the shop so i had no other choice but to walk. and i was REALLY craving hot fries. so i was like hmmm. do i really wanna walk there, and i was like yeahhhhh. and on my way out of the store i found a dollar on the ground. i looked around to see if it belonged to anyone, but there was no one to be found. so it was mine, all mine :)

ok i'm done.