Monday, May 19, 2008

too hot for clothes

 i need my own place so i can walk around naked as i please. i seriously have the hottest room in the house which is no bueno. good thing i've got a lock on my door so i can just lounge on my bed in the nude. haha i don't give a fuck anymore. on a sadder note. summer school starts in a couple of weeks. i'll be taking classes at csun. i know it'll be expensive, but i don't have a choice at this point. i just want to graduate already. i'm excited to start my new job. in less than 30 months from now i'll be making $30. just thinking about it is making me feel super old. i know i'm only 21, but man. so shayna and i were exchanging links to shoes we want. and here are a few of the one's i'm gonna buy tomorrow

after i get these 3 pairs. i'll be set. i won't buy shoes for another month or so. my shoe collection is starting to get out of hand though. if you saw all the shoes, dresses, jeans. shirts, and jackets i had, you'd throw up. i swear it. oh and bags too. i really am addicted to shopping. i don't have self control either. if i see it, and i like it, i'll buy it. i'm super compulsive. but whatever. :) just thinking about those shoes makes me super happy. call me superficial i don't give a fuck. other things make me happy too, like finding money on the floor like i did today. it was only a dollar, but it kinda made my day cause i walked to 7/11 right cause my dad borrowed my car cause his is in the shop so i had no other choice but to walk. and i was REALLY craving hot fries. so i was like hmmm. do i really wanna walk there, and i was like yeahhhhh. and on my way out of the store i found a dollar on the ground. i looked around to see if it belonged to anyone, but there was no one to be found. so it was mine, all mine :)

ok i'm done.

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