Monday, May 3, 2010


i'm in class bored out of my mind. at least i started on my real world paper for psych. i'm just so glad this semester is almost over! i am not looking forward to summer session though :( kawawa. i just need to endure a little longer then it will all be overrrr. summer sesh then fall semester and i should be done. God willing. ok that's all. class is almost over. so i should probably pack my stuff.


i feel so insecure. maybe if i were prettier or had a toned body, he'd love me more...

maybe if i were smarter, or maybe even had the same interests as he does, we'd get a long better.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


i wish he'd learn how to listen!

that's all i ask for. i could care less about the money, gifts, or vacations. i just want him to listen.



my new apartment. i love everything about it, the rooms, the layout, the location...EVERYTHING! i just feel so bad that i rarely ever get to see kim. our schedules are so out of sync. when she gets up for work i'm probably barely going to sleep, when she comes home from work, i'm about to get ready for work. when i get home from work, she's probably getting ready to go to sleep. haha that's pretty much how it is. hopefully we'll get to spend more time together on the weekends. i can't wait to go out and have fun with her. she really is so sweet. i can't believe anyone would have anything bad to say about her.

i should really

take my camera around with me more often. i feel so bad that john got it for me for xmas and i barely use it. i only use it to change my facebook default picture. haha. i know i'm not a great photographer, but i should atleast try and capture some memories digitally when we go out. it might give us a reason to go out more often instead of staying in like bums. i really need to google new places john and i can go to. i feel like we're such a boring couple. we don't do anything fun. we don't even go out to eat at new places anymore, esp since i moved out. i'm paying rent, and he's supporting me. haha. so we don't really have that much extra cash to spend. i feel so bad. i really need to find a way to show him how much i appreciate everything he's done for me....

i need to find more

ways to show my boyfriend how much i appreciate him. he is seriously the most amazing boyfriend ever. i can't stop gushing over him. i know people think i'm probably so lame for talking about him all the time, but he really is the best thing that's ever happened to me. i know we have our bad days, and i mean REALLY bad days. but we;re learning to overcome them and come out happy in the end. like yesterday for example; it was such an ugly day for us. we had tension between us the entire day. we even almost went on a break. but we both know breaks never last for more than a few hours with us. but when we woke up today, we were both feeling much better. today was a great day for us. if i had to rate our days. yesterday was like 2 and today was a 10. john is honestly so supportive and selfless. ever since i've moved out he's taking such great care of me, especially financially.