Sunday, May 2, 2010

i should really

take my camera around with me more often. i feel so bad that john got it for me for xmas and i barely use it. i only use it to change my facebook default picture. haha. i know i'm not a great photographer, but i should atleast try and capture some memories digitally when we go out. it might give us a reason to go out more often instead of staying in like bums. i really need to google new places john and i can go to. i feel like we're such a boring couple. we don't do anything fun. we don't even go out to eat at new places anymore, esp since i moved out. i'm paying rent, and he's supporting me. haha. so we don't really have that much extra cash to spend. i feel so bad. i really need to find a way to show him how much i appreciate everything he's done for me....

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