Monday, September 20, 2010

ughh this semester

has been so ridiculous. 19 units is no joke. i think i've got a good blend of classes where i can pass with all A's and B's and maybe one C lol. it turns out cognitive psych is not my cup of tea. i hate it. i could careless about STM AND LTM. i care more about personalities and stuff like that. but owell. it is what it is. i just can't wait to finish and get a real job and make $$$$. at least i've already accomplished something on my "to do list". moving out has probably the best thing i could have ever done for myself. it's really teaching me responsibility. even though my dad still pays for the big stuff, i'm learning how to manage my money better, well sort of.


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EverDreamer said...

I think there's a point in every students life when they just can't wait to get a job and make money.


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