Friday, July 30, 2010

i've become

quite domesticated. i'd make a great house wife. HINT HINT. haha jk. but seriously though, i've learned to cook, clean and even do dishes! i'm quite proud of myself. moving out made me so much more responsible. so far john's favorite thing that i've made is this macaroni casserole, it was really easy and actually fun. i think he also likes my sinigang. i LOVEEEE sinigang. i think i'll actually make some today for shayna and maria if they still come over. sea food city is my new favorite place to go grocery shopping cause it has EVERYTHING i need to make the stuff i want. well duh. haha but still. i just hate that it's kinda far. i wish it were closer. like where pavillions is, across the street. super convenient. i even made fajitas the other day. those turned out bomb too.


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