Monday, April 19, 2010

i really can't say this enough

but i really do have the best parents in the world. they have always been so supportive of me and all the decisions i make. like for example, moving out. i know it's gonna be hard for my parents to see me go, just as much as it's going for me to leave them. i like mentioned earlier, i've never been away from them for more than 3 days. the good thing is that i'm not moving too far away. just a few cities over. i know i've wanted this for so long, but as i'm counting the days towards our official move in day, i start to feel kind of lonely. i know i'm going to have kim there and all, but i'm sure we'll rarely see each other because of our busy schedule's. she's got her job and her own thing going on. and i've got school and work. don't get me wrong, i'm still really excited about it, i'm just going to have to adjust.

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