Sunday, July 12, 2009


i haven't really had the time to update this because of my freakin' accounting class. i'm so over it. i hate it so much. i hate how i get it during class time, but when it comes to the test, my mind goes blank. i hate this class so much :( i really should have stuck with psych. blah o well. i can't dwell on the past. i just wanna get this class over with. ok other than that. i haven't really had much going on in my life. i'm pretty boring. i haven't really had an juicy stories to tell lol. well a few, but not blog appropriate. haha. ohh last night we went swimming at Matt's place in simi and his pool is fucking legittttt. he had this slide that i was too scared to go on. haha.and i finally met steph. she's a complete sweet heart. they're totally cute together. hmm i don't really have any pictures to post. oh lo's bday just bad. we celebrated it at la cita. it was fun. i have like 2 pictures. haha i was really contemplating going to vegas with them this past weekend, but i don't thikn i would have been able to keep up with them. i've been feeling so tired lately. it sucks. my body isn't used to staying up late anymore. i'm kinda glad. i want a regular sleeping schedule again.

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