Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i don't date

i've given up on the idea of finding a boyfriend. let's get real here, i'm 22 years old. i've got too much to accomplish in my lifetime to have a boyfriend hold me back. having a boyfriend is too much work and also very time consuming. when i weigh the pros and cons of having a boyfriend, i'd rather be single. i have enough guy friends to compile the perfect boyfriend. i have a certain friend that i go out with whenever i feel like watching a movie, going out to eat, and also someone to shop with. i can avoid the drama and jealousy by avoiding dating all together. it also turns out that i get distracted very easily, so now isn't really the best time in my life to invest my time in a relationship. i've really got it all figured out. until i find that right guy i go gaga over, i won't settle for less.

until then....

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