Saturday, January 3, 2009

so let's recap '08

i'm not gonna lie, 2008 has been good to me. i mean VERY good to me. friends have come and gone and i don't really have much to complain about. i've made some in the middle of the year that i hope to keep for the rest of my life cause they indeed are good company. my one consistent friend througout the year was andy, which comes as a bit of a shock to me, cause you know? lol it was hard for us to not be friends esp since we have classes at csun together, plus we work together. i'm sure he's sick of me but he just won't say. working at ups has been a true blessing because of the people i've met there. turning 21 really fucked up my school work in the beginning of the year, but i'm ok now. i also became a frequent club go-er, which i dont like to talk about. it was a 2 month phase. i'm glad it's over with. that side of my closet is long gone. i wear pants now...sometimes. haha hmm .what else. i went through a good phase of hanging out with my cousin ryan. and his buddies it was fun while it lasted. i'm telling you people, i'm really bad at keeping friends. i've probably had like 7 groups of friends i've hung out with this entire year. i'm not consistent. AT ALL. maybe i should work on that during the new year. LEARN HOW TO KEEP FRIENDS! haha uhmm what else, i got into my first real car accident. uhmmm i went to HARD SUMMERFEST which was pretty awesome. i'm surprised i remember most of that night. i went to my first USC game which i will post pictures of later, actually no wait. that was in 09. so let's scratch that. the list can go on, and i'm just too lazy to do that right now. so THE END.

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