Thursday, December 4, 2008

what a relief

i finally finished and turned in my 14 page paper on sweatshops. it was so tedious and redundant. it was basically pointless. i didn't learn anything by doing that bullshit research paper. i'm just glad it's done and over with. since i finished yesterday morning, i decided to treat myself to go to the roxy and enjoy MSTRKRFT with the girls. it was pretty awesome. ok i don't really feel like typing anymore. i should be baking but i got lazy. so i'll do it after class tomorrow. i'm gonna watch the office now.


oh btw.

you can call me sayrus from now on if you please.

some crazy old man was trying to hit on me last night and i was just like "uhhhhhhhh." and he's like oh what's your name? and i'm like "sarah" and lorraine's like it's "sars" and he's like "oh cyrus" and i'm like "yes, cyrus."


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