Saturday, July 31, 2010

so i have

this new obsession of owning a deep fryer. i just want one sooo badly. i googled a recipe for tempura ice cream and it sounds soo easy to make, i just need a freakin deep fryer. that's the only thing standing between me and my temp icecream. :(

deep fried twinkie
deep fried klondike bar
tempura ice cream!

Friday, July 30, 2010

i've become

quite domesticated. i'd make a great house wife. HINT HINT. haha jk. but seriously though, i've learned to cook, clean and even do dishes! i'm quite proud of myself. moving out made me so much more responsible. so far john's favorite thing that i've made is this macaroni casserole, it was really easy and actually fun. i think he also likes my sinigang. i LOVEEEE sinigang. i think i'll actually make some today for shayna and maria if they still come over. sea food city is my new favorite place to go grocery shopping cause it has EVERYTHING i need to make the stuff i want. well duh. haha but still. i just hate that it's kinda far. i wish it were closer. like where pavillions is, across the street. super convenient. i even made fajitas the other day. those turned out bomb too.


my one true love!


this still

makes me lol

i swear, my sister sends me the funniest random shit. haha loves her.

john and i

decided not to go to hawaii anymore. we figured since we both have been there that we'd go someplace new. someplace that needs a passport :) hahaha. and other than that, the trip it self was probably gonna cost at least 5gs. if you know john, then you know he'll only book the number one rated hotel and only eat at the best reviewed restaurants. and obviously that cost money. john and i are growing up and we're beginning to realize that we need to start doing grown up things, like being responsible with money. we need to learn how to save and invest our $$$$. i don't want to end up like those couples who live from paycheck to paycheck and are drowning in credit card debt. i want to live stress-free from all of that. and the best way to do that is to learn now and to start saving at a young age.

this is what smart grown ups look like. bored.

wow, it's been a while

so a lot has happened since the last time i've blogged. that's actually what kept me from getting on this. well, i don't really know where to begin. i'm just gonna avoid the sad stuff cause i don't really feel like getting bummed out right now. so i'll start off with the fact that i'm so close to being done with school. i really hate talking about it just because i really should have been done by now. only if i had decided earlier on a major then forsure i would have been out of csun years ago, but there's not point in dwelling in the past. i'm just excited to finally get the hell out of there. so tired of school. i just want to live my life and see what the world has to offer.