Tuesday, March 23, 2010

john told me to start practicing my new signature. and i was like what? and he was like, you know "sarah ghaemi"

haha :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010




it's been a long battle with my mom. she's been trying to get me to stop eating white rice since i was probably in the 7th grade. she would try all sorts of ways to try and mix brown rice into my diet, but i was NOT having it. well until recently. she bought this one kind that i really like. i can't even really tell it's brown rice. and it suppose to be better for me. she's also trying to cut meat out of my diet, but little does she know, john and i actually had korean bbq today. i had a ton of meat. haha but that will be our little secret. but as much as possible, i really do want to stay away from red meats. i wanna be fit damnit. if not fit at least healthy. i want to live a long and healthy life like my 97 yr old grandma. she's going to outlive the whole mendoza clan. haha

at lola's 97th bday :)

baby is a keeper forsure :)

john and i were all over dtown today. we went on a mini adventure. when we were in little tokyo we went to this boutique and i tried on this dress, while i was still trying it on, he told the lady who owned the store that he was going to buy it for me. when i got out she told me that i was so lucky to have such a generous and handsome bf. then as we were getting off the redline, john had to use the restroom. as i was out there waiting for him this man tapped me and told me that he followed me just to tell me how beautiful i was. i was a little creeped out at first cause he FOLLOWED me for a good 5 mins. haha then as john came out of the bathroom the man told john he was so lucky to have such a gorgeous gf. haha. i just wanted to share that with everyone haha. i'm so blessed to have an amazing bf. regardless of how superficial this story is. haha

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner, I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to go wrong. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."

- Audrey Hepburn

Friday, March 19, 2010

i really should update this thing a little more often. but i've been so boring lately that i don't have anything to write about. uhhhhh...uhhhh. let's see. anna and i actually when out for st. patricks day. we went to some bar in studio city called laurel tavern. it was nice. i went with steven and his friend pablo. uhm that's about it. so john and i are suppose to go to dtown tomorrow and take the orange line and the subway together, but i'm starting to have second thoughts about that. i don't know if i should spend the day with him tomorrow. he's been getting on my nerves lately. it's partly my fault but mostly his. haha i don't want to talk about him anymore. he was sweet to me on weds when he brought me snacks from the japanese market on sawtelle, he brought me veggie chips, choclate covered almonds, these bomb ass cookies, and my favorite of all EGG SANDWICHES. they're so bomb. the bread they use to make it is amazzingggggggg. i'm craving one right now. :( kawawa face. i'm not really a fan of egg sandwhiches, but this one is sooo yummay. uhm let's see what else...oh i've also come to the conclusion that i will NEVER visit john for lunch cause we always end up fighting. i don't think i've ever gone to have lunch with him and leave not angry/annoyed with him. and i'm trying so hard to become more patient with him, but he makes it so damn difficult. he needs to learn how to listen. like REALLY listen. i feel like everything i say to him goes in one ear and out the other :( i don't want to talk about him anymore. it's making me sad. the end

Thursday, March 11, 2010

girly post

so shayna i were talking about make up earlier, and i can't decide if i want to really start putting any more effort than i already am to my "outward beauty." i was watching a few make up tutorials on youtube and one that really caught my eye is michelle pham. she's this really beautiful vietnamese girl with fair flawless skin. she also knows what she's doing when it comes to make up. watching her really made me want to buy everything at sephora. but once i actually buy it, i know i'll be too lazy to ever use it. i have so much make up already that i barely touch. yeah ok, i've come to the conclusion that i'm too lazy to wear make up. like the saying goes, less is more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

i take it back


i want a nose job.

my nose looks better from the side.

so i'm outside

my class right now waiting for class to start. it's not for about another hour or so. i wish i was bomb at math so i wouldn't have to come to class. ughhh but once i miss a class, i'm instantly behind. ughh it sucks. i brought a whole roll of toilet paper with me cause i was too lazy to look for our packets of kleenex. i've almost used up the whole roll. i'm that sick. it's so embarrassing blowing your nose in class. esp when there's a test going on. i really wish this stupid class wasn't on the 3rd floor. i really want to get a bagel and cream cheese. but i don't think i'll make it back up the stairs. ughhh. i hate being sick. i never get sick. i don't even know how this happened. when i woke up this morning i was feeling feverish. if i don't get better by tomorrow i'll probably end up having to go to the drs. ahh my feet fell asleep. now they feel funny. i wish anna would read my mind and bring a me a plain toasted bagel with 2 cream cheese packets. i also wish john didn't lose his phone so i could text him how horrible i'm feeling and so he can text me back something that'll make me feel a tad bit better. :( kawawa face.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

so as i was saying

before i lost track. once i really felt like i lost john, i knew i had to change. i would keep telling him, i need to lose you in order to be driven to change. otherwise if you don't leave me, i'll stay the way i am. and i knew i was hurting him, but i couldn't help it. so once we got back together the next day, i was like a completely different gf. it felt nice. it's still sometimes a struggle cause he still sometimes doesn't listen. being in a relationship is learning about compromise. it can't always been one of the partner's ways. it has to go both ways in order for it to function properly. i can actually utilize that knowledge now. i've always known it, but as long as john was ok with everything being my way. i kept it that way. but now things are different. i really see a future for us :)

relationship stuff

so john and i went through a rough patch. but i think we're all better now. we're learning to compromise. i can't be such a bitch and he has to learn how to listen. if we keep this up we'll be on the right path to a healthy relationship. last week when we broke up for less than 24 hrs, my dad was asking, "where's john?" and i told him we broke up, my dad was like, what did you do? haha then i explained to my dad that was too mean of a gf and he deserved someone better. all my dad could say was, he was such a good kid. i can tell my dad really took a liking to him. so when we got back together i think my dad was relieved. so whenever my dad doesn't see john, he's always asking for him. trying to make sure we're still together. and whenever john and i fight, my dad always sides with john. it's kinda cute. like yesterday, john was driving semi wrecklessly in the rain, and he knows i hate it when he drives like that. ESP in the rain. so as he was making a left turn, he almost hit someone. i let it go. i said just be more careful as sweetly as i possibly could. then when we were a stop sign away from my house. he almost hit another car cause he didn't look both ways. that's when i flipped out on him. my dad new i was pissed when i came into the house. when we explained what happened. all my dad said was "all that matters is that he didn't hit anyone and you guys are ok." he didn't even lecture him on safe driving! but yeah. that's all. haha oh yeah i totally lost track of what i was writing. i'll just start a new post.

ok so like

whenever john and i find a new place that we like, we tend to go there A LOT. right now it's benihana. we've been there 3 times w/ in the past four weeks. it would have been 4 consecutive times if we hadn't broken up last week and if we didn't try yomato or yamoto, whatever the next day. 2 out of the three times i got the deluxe treat which is lobster tail and filet mignon. john got something diff all three times. first land and sea which was filet mignon and scallops, then filet mignon and shrimp, and yesterday lobster tail and hibachi steak. it was so bomb. i'm getting it next week. so you better save up baby. hahaha. but our favorite part about dinner is the ice cream. their is just something about their vanilla ice cream that makes it taste so bomb. another favorite part of the dinner is the soup. i LOVE that soup. not as much as i love the corn pottage from curry house. but it's getting close to a tie. yeah so this blog was basically about how much john and i love benihana. haha

ugh i hate being sick!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i was so productive today

it feels really good. now all i've got left is work and gym after wards. i'm going to try so hard to stay dedicated to it, esp since i got john to join with me. i'm also looking into bikram yoga. it looks intense. but that's what i need. i need to get serious about losing weight if i ever want anything to happen. i know it won't happen on it's own. i found this one class in encino that's beginner friendly. it's awesome cause the first class is free to first time students. if i like it i'll buy a few sessions. but i wanna shop around and see which one i like best. they're also offering yoga and pilates classes at 24 hr fitness. i just need to stop being lazy and be willing to get up in the mornings so i can get everthing done. they say the best time to work out is in the morning anyway. it's perfect cause on tues thurs and fris i don't have class. so i don't have an excuse not to go. so today i saw the psych adviser at school today and he helped me figure out the steps to graduation. so it turns out i'll be done by fall '10. which isn't bad at all. but i'll have to wait til spring to walk. i could care less about walking. i just want my degree so i can find a full time job. i'm hoping it's with UPS, but we'll see. i'm just glad i'm on the right track. i just need to stay focused so i can do it all in time.
sarah and anna
incase you haven't seen it on my fb yet.

Monday, March 1, 2010

so john and i

went to yamato or yamoto last night, i forgot the name of the restaurant cause it was such a terrible experience. we originally wanted benihana, but supposedly it was a two hour wait. so we were like screw that. we'll get the next best thing cause we were STARVING. we already had a pretty bad experience the first time, but we figured hey, maybe it was just a bad night. so we gave it another shot, and it turns out it's bad all the time. maybe it's just the encino location in particular. the chef at the table next to us was trying to do a trick with the egg while he was making the fried rice and accidentally hit the lady in front of him with the egg. it was right in the face. it was so horrible. i felt so bad for her. if it had happened to me i would have thrown a fit. i was already hungry and having a bad experience. that would have just been the straw that broke the camel's back! never again will we go back. the chef's there don't even know what they're doing. john calls them the benihana rejects. soo true. ok that's all.

i'm so tired.

so like, i'm in class right now and i'm starting to doze off. so i thought i'd do something to kinda keep me busy for like the next 5 mins. there is about half an hour left in this class. i swear. this damn class always makes me want a baby so badly. haha i know it sounds ridiculous, but baby's are so damn cuuuuteeee. ok i'll just stop right there.