Monday, January 25, 2010

ugh school

so school started last week. i'm officially enrolled in two lectures and two labs. i would like to sum that up to 4 classes. i know most will only consider it 2 and not count the labs, but because of the fact that 2 sounds so...ahh there's a word i'm looking for! but i can't get figure it what it is. it's on the tip of my tongue! agh forget it. yeah so i've got 4 classes. my two professors seem pretty cool for now. my psych 313 prof seems super sweet. and my psych 320 prof seems pretty laid back and excited about statistical psychology. he seems very organized which is a a MAJOR relief. i really wish i had stuck to psych from the very beginning so i could be done with school already. blahhh. this semester is going to be tough, esp with my new schedule at work. i absolutely hate it. i know it's for my own good, but it still blows. i really don't have any time for myself anymore. the minute i'm done with class i go straight to work on MW. i know it's only 2 days a week, but it's still a dragggg. wahh wahh wahh. i really need to focus on these two classes or my parents will think i'm retarded for not getting at least a B.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so you're 22 today :)

what a stud <3

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i love john

i really do fall more and more in love with him as each day goes by. he has been nothing but amazing to me. i still don't know how i've been so blessed to have such a loving boyfriend. today for my bday, john made 3 separate reservations just incase i didn't like the original choice he picked. i really don't know what i'm going to do for his bday. it's only 5 days away! i have a few ideas in mind, but there's no way i can top what he's done for me. i'm sure i'll figure something out. it really has to be something special. i'm gonna have to put my thinking cap on. haha. i know he'll be happy with anything i do for him. but i wanna show that i put a lot of effort and love into this. he deserves the best. :) he says he'll be happy if i just got him a card and kiss. crazy boy. haha. there's no way that's going to happen. ahhhhhhhh i wish i were more creative. i actually i wish i were creative period. :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

andy shared this with me

now i can't stop watching it!

guess who shares the same bday as me!

orlando bloom

he's exactly 10 yrs older than me.

what a hunk

i can't waitttt

for dinner tonight at mastro's. since i have no life, i was on yelp reading most of the reviews and alot of them mention the lobster mashed potatoes. i know i'm so lame cause of how excited i get over food. but whatever. it's my birthday, i do what i want :). haha that totally reminds me of that clip on south park. i tried finding it on youtube. but i can't :( owell.

cause you already know :)


just cause it's my birthday i thought i'd share this with you guys. i found this picture while i was cleaning my drawers. it was taken about 10-11 yrs ago. back when i lived in sun valley and all i wanted to be was a little cholita. brace your self.

DELETED, idk what i was thinking posting those heinous photos. idiot - 8-19-14

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i should really...

bring my camera out more! especially now that i have a case for it. i really can't wait to get the 5omm lens. everyone has nothing but good things to say about it. i should probably order it on amazon now. ahh i should have ordered it earlier for our trip. o well. :( i think i should buy a tripod for our trip. hahaha i have one but it's super dinky. i don't trust that thing to hold up my dslr. maybe my point in shoot. but not the xsi. haha the xsi makes me look so much better than i do in person. it's kinda sad.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i know...

this is old news, but i'm so spoiled/blesssed, whatever you call it. in the end, i get what i want. almost always. and in return i want to try and be a better person. if God's going to bless me with all these amazing people and things in my life. the least i can do is be a better person/Christian. i know i don't seem religious at all, but i have really strong beliefs. i basically grew up in church. so no matter what, the morals i've learned have been instilled in my life. no matter how much i try to fight it. the past service i went to at shepherd was about living in faith. and i haven't been doing this at all. i've been so selfish. all i think and care about is myself. how am i going to benefit from this, what is this going to do for me? i really need to reevaluate my life and see where it's headed. because from what i can see, i don't like where it's going. especially in my relationship with john. he really is the best thing that's happened to me yet i try so hard to push him away. ahh ok. so my official new years resolution is to be a better person.

countdown: 2 more days

since i'm not really a big fan of celebrating my bday. i think i've decided that i'll just go out to dinner with john. nothing else. i was planning on having a separate dinner for friends the day after, but i'm feeling too lazy to even plan that. maybe kabuki. it seems like a safe choice. yeah ok damnit. i'll make a fb invite now. no ok nvm. i changed my mind. haha welllll ok. let's see what happens. so i just hand picked the people i wanted to invite. we'll see who decides to show up. i really woudln't mind a small crowd. either way. the main thing i'm really looking forward to is spending time with john this weekend. ahh i can't waitttt :)

23 yrs ago

i really hate

to admit this, and i know it's really late, but i LOVE that song tik tok by ke$ha. i know my taste in music is now completely irrelevant but it's so catchy. it's too bad she weren't more original cause she sounds like a total uffie wannabe. and she totally looks like she loves being jizzed on the face. homegirl look so nastay. she looks like she's in desperate need of a shower. and i'd REALLY love to comb her hair.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

pure vanity

i like how long my eyebrows got. i kinda wish they were a little bit thicker though.

well i'm really bored

so i'm going rant about something random.. uhmmmm. i can't think of anythingggg... shopping? i miss shopping so much. i haven't bought anything i really loved in a long time :( the last thing i purchased for myself were these bright yellow neon shorts from levi's yesterday. they were only 9 bucks so i figured what the hell. which reminds me, i left them in john's car. ehh whatever. i don't want school to start yettt. i'm totally dreading it. i wish i could just pay something to get my degree for me. i don't see how it'd be of any use to me anyway since i plan on being a housewife. haha just kidding. i really don't see myself being a domesticated. i want a big office with a couch in it, and also an awesome view in a highrise building. that's the dream. bossing people around. cause honestly, that's what i do best.

i feel so old!

so on saturday john and i went out for shayna's friends bday at les deux. it was me john shayna bryan maria and her friend justin. it wasn't so bad, it's just not what i'm used to i guess. well maybe back in my hoodrat days. haha all i was missing was the blonde hair and shorter skirt. we pretty much made the most of what was handed to us. highlight of the night was getting john to dance with me. it was hilarious. man i love my boyfriend. by 11:30 i was already looking at the time wanting to go home and lay in bed. i couldn't help but wonder how i used to be able to stay up all night and not be a bit tiredd. 2am was still considered early back then but now i want to be home and in bed by 1. maybe it's cause we just havn't done that in a while. i'm sure it has nothing to do with getting older. haha yeah rightttt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

ok so like

i was trying to make a budget of all my bills and how much i get paid. and in approx 3 and half months i should be able to move out. that's if everything goes according to plan. i know i shouldn't move out. and just milk living at home for as long as i can. but i really just want to be independent and try it out. but the only thing holding me back is school. i keep thinking that maybe i should finish school first then move out. yeah i think i'll stick to that plan. that way after i graduate. i'll have much more money saved up. ugh i hate money. i just wanna win the lotto or something. i'm tired of working. i just wanna enjoy life and everything it has to offer. "/

so john's bday

is coming up. and i kinda have an idea of what to get him. but it's not going to compare to what he got me. which i think isn't fair! i really want to get him something sentimental and meaningful cause that's the type of stuff he likes. well i can't go into any further detail cause i don't want to hint too much to him.

so i recently

started to learn how to save my money. it's a growing process. it's not like all my urges to go shopping have gone out the window. no nothing like that. but i'm slowly learning to realize how to differentiate between the things i want, the things i need, and the things i want that i think i need. my ate julie has really been a big help in this. she's really teaching me the value of saving money and helping me step by step to achieve my monetary goals. step one was opening a savings acct with ING DIRECT. i think it's called an orange savings acct. i immediately deposited $50. i know it isn't much, but i plan on putting at least $50 from every paycheck in there. it'll be like my emergency money. but for REAL emergency's. nothing ever retail related. and after i pay off all my bills, i'll increase that $50 t0 $100. and the only way to pay off my bills is if i stop shopping. i really just need to tell my self i don't need anymore things. i've got it all. i've got clothes for all 4 seasons. all the gadgets and electronics i could possibly need and a ridiculous amount of shoes. although i really should invest in a good pair if flat shoes. i have so many pairs of heels but not so many flats.

john is starting

to really get to me. i'm becoming mushy like him. ahhhhh whatever.


because honestly

i couldn't be any happier.

ok so like

we all know i'm like the MOST vain person ever. so i was fucking around with my photobooth and i came across this picture. haha i'm so disgusting. i look like jaba the hut. i think that's what he's called. that big fat blob in star wars.

how is the girl above, the same girl in the picture below.

i know it's so self centered to just even make a blog post about this. but i thought the first picture was just worth sharing cause john loved it. haha

Saturday, January 2, 2010

well since i can't

sleep, i figured i'd update this thing. it's really been a while since i have. hmm ok so it's day 2 of 2010 and so far so good. i couldn't ask for a better way to start off the new year. i've received so many blessings in 2009, my favorite of them being JOHN. he seriously makes me want to be a better person. even though it's so hard for me to do. it's actually almost impossible. my new years resolution is to TRY and become a better gf, learn how to cook, save my money, and travel more. i wanna be a better gf cause john really does deserve the best. he's so selfless and kind. even when i'm wrong and pissed off, he'll still be the one to apologize for pissing me off in the first place. he really is so sweet. hmm i need to learn how to cook cause john and i eat out way too much. i know i keeep saying it, but in all honesty i love going out to eat cause it's the only time we really get to go out and spend time together. yeah sure we hang out at home, but it isn't the same when it's just us two. next is to save my money. this has almost been a constant battle for me. my addiction to retail is ridiculous. it just needs to stop. i'm cutting myself off. and last but not least is traveling. i reall just wanna get out there and see what this world has to offer. i'm tired of being cooped up in la like a caged bird. i need to spread my wings and explore what's out there. i'm so lame haha. whatever. so yeah. that's it.