Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh my gash

i know this is going to sound so lame. but thinking about how much i love john really makes me want to cry. i put him through so much fucking shit and he still manages to look past all that and treat me like a queen. for my bday john really went all out. he booked us a flight for sf and got the MOST amazing hotel. we're staying at the st. regis in the astor suite. i just viewed pictures of the hotel and it is off the chain. i really can't wait.

here's a few pics of the hotel

so john and i...

went christmas shopping this weekend. we went all over the place. one of the stores i randomly decided to go into was victoria's secret. so i walk in right. and immediately this girl's like, "oh have you ever had your breast measured so you know what bra size is perfect for you." i said no so i had her measure me. it turns out i'm a 36D. this whole time i've been wearing 34C's. haha. i was a bit shocked, at first i didn't believe her. so i tried on a few 36D bras and they fit like a glove. so now i have to get rid of all my old bras and buy a whole new set of them :(

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i can't believe your ass is only turning 19! in about a month or so i'll be 23. that blows my mindddd. i'm so glad that we've made it as friends this long. who would have thought we'd ever become really close? i rmr the days we'd have church camp and we'd hang out and talk shit about people. haha i think that's what made us form a bond. well i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and i can't wait to see you tomorrow!

the day we became best friends lol

so i was going

through old pictures

and this made me miss my long hairrr :(

i'm bored

i'm wide awake. i can't sleep and john's fast asleep. he's probably dead tired from studying for his three finals tomorrow. i really want to update this blog, but i don't really have much to write about. my life has been pretty uneventful these past few days. hmm well we went to the laker game on sunday. they were playing against phoenix suns. the lakers slaughtered them. it was kind of boring to watch. but all that matters is john enjoyed it. after the game we headed back to my place so john could study. he's so studious. borrringgg. hehe jk. so yeah, that was pretty much it. hopefully this weekend is something worth blogging about.

this was our view

Monday, December 7, 2009

my main squeeze

things i'm excited for this month...


so it looks like december is a busy month for john and i.

hmm ok

so out of all the things i had to do on my to do list. i got one thing done. and i'm sure you can guess what that wassss. hilton buffet of course. i figured it was pointless to get a car wash cause when i woke up sat morning it was super gloomy. my car can stay dirty for a few more days. as long as the inside is semi-clean, then i don't mind so much. i'll just wait for the rain to pass, then forsure i'll wash my car. or at least have someone do it for me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

things i need to do tomorrow...

get a carwash and oil change
deep clean my room
do my laundry
go to tita lumings bday at the Hilton
finish my last paper

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's here!!!

i LOVEEE amazon. i didn't even have to wait that long for it to come in! i really didn't expect it to be that tiny. i thought it'd be about the same size as the picture i posted of it earlier. ahh the smaller the better when it comes to these things! i can't wait to use it. i wish i knew it was coming today so i could have gotten ready earlier. i look so crummy. haha i sound so vain right now. but i don't care. ok i'm going to take a shower and get ready so i can use my new toy!

yayyy! it's officially...

John and myself's 2 month mark. haha who knew we'd make it this far? haha jk. no but seriously though. i have no idea how you put up with all my nonsense and crap. i'm such a monster sometimes. i really don't tell you enough how amazing you are. yeah sure i blog about it here and there, but i don't ever really take the time when we're together to look you in the eye and tell you how much you mean to me. i feel so fucking lame for writing this but i don't care because i am so in love with you. i'm sure people are like gagging themselves as they read this. but i'm so serious. i love you more and more as time goes by. and i seriously can't picture myself any happier when i'm with you. and yes baby, i do see us staying together forever. well that's if you can handle anymore of my shit. haha. I LOVE YOU! the end.

yayyy! it's finally...


i am looking forward to so many things this month. to name a few; laker game, lady gaga, and of course spending my first christmas with john. we already know what we got each other, i kinda wish we kept them a surprise but o well. i'm not a big fan of surprises if you tell me i'm getting a surprise. but i do like real surprises. like i as if i had no clue it was coming. does that make sense? whatever, it does to me. so i got john a samsung tv, and i think he got me the canon digital slr i wanted. we'll see if he got the right one. haha we made our wish list pretty obvious. i know i did. hahaha. even if he didn't get it for me, i would have bought it myself. i think that's what's so hard about us as a couple. it's kinda hard to buy each other things because we already know if we want something. we'll buy it our self. i've never been the type to rely on someone else to buy me things. i'm just not used to that. i'm used to being fairly independent when it comes to those type of things. i spoil myself. haha.

i miss baking

i used to be kinda good at it. my drivers really enjoyed it. at one point they'd ask me almost everyday when i'd bake for them again. the only thing that really kept me from it was that i didn't have a stand mixer. once i get one of those bad boys i'll be baking like crazzzzyyyyy. haha maybe not, but it'll become one of my favorite hobbies again. i really should surprise them and bake them some brownies and cupcakes. i'll make andy tsang his own batch. haha i miss going out with him. we used to have a lot of fun. we mostly just ate and watched movies. he took me to my first tailgate/USC game. it was pretty awesome. maybe if i start baking he'll be my friend again.

this is the exact mixer i want, i was on (which btw is my favorite store EVER) and i saw all the colors they offered, i think this one hands down is my favorite one. i guess the color red is really starting to grow on me. i kinda was thinking about the blk one too, but i like how the red stands out so much. but i don't know if it'd match the color theme of our kitchen. or maybe i'll get the metallic chrome one so it'll match all the other stuff in our kitchen. ehh we'll see.

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